Jerusalem Light Rail

Jerusalem’s public transportation system has recently expanded by the long awaited inauguration of the Light Rail.

After years of planning and design construction finally started on this project in 2002.  Implementation of the plan met many obstacles and surprises.  Considering the history of Jerusalem, it is quite surprising that there weren’t more archaeological discoveries as a result of track construction.  Most notable was the discovery of a quarry in the northern sections of the rail line.  Some archaeologists have proposed that this is one of the quarries used by King Herod’s workmen for the Second Temple expansion project.

The Light Rail has also changed the skyline of Jerusalem.  In order to insure the smooth flow of traffic a suspension bridge, the Chords Bridge, was built over the main entrance to the city so that the trains can use the bridge to cross over the main entrance to the city without disrupting traffic.  The bridge was designed by Santiago Calatrava

Today, we can enjoy riding the Red Line which runs from Pisgat Zeev in the north to Mt. Herzl in the south.  The rail has been integrated into the city’s transit system with free transfers from to and from buses.  Even if you don’t enjoy a smooth ride on the Light Rail during your visit to Jerusalem, you will definitely appreciate the beauty of the sleek cars as they glide through downtown Jerusalem.

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