The Israel Museum

The Israel Museum has recently re-opened following a 3 year renovation and renewal project.  The museum is the premier institution of its kind in Israel.  It has an extensive Archaeology wing, a Judaica wing, Fine Arts and an outdoor sculpture garden.  The museum is home to the Shrine of the Book – the home of the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as a scale model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple period.

The museum expansion project was designed by James Carpenter.  This renovation was designed in the spirit of the original plans adding much needed space to the galleries.

The archaeology and Judaica wing have been completely re-designed. Many of the favorite items are presented again along with new finds, some having been discovered only a few weeks ago.

The exhibition halls are spacious and easy to move from one to the other. A special type of glass has been used in many display cases so that it is near invisible – you don’t realize you are looking through glass.

The museum is a Jerusalem must see.  It has something to offer for everyone.

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  1. Architect Alfred Mansfeld designed the Israel Museum with interior design by Dora Gad and the museum was completed May 11, 1965. Mansfeld and Gad received the Israel prize for Architecture for their work the following year.
    James Carpenter Design Associates, New York were in charge of the renovations completed in 2010, with interior design by Efrat-Kowalsky Architects of Tel Aviv.

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