Zichron Ya’akov זכרון יעקב

Zichron Ya’akov – one of the first towns established by the immigrants of the First Aliya was established in 1882 by immigrants from Romania.

The main street of the town has found a way to combine the original houses that date back almost 130 years and a modern, inviting town.  The main street has been turned into a pedestrian mall with a wide variety of shops and restaurants, many offering the work of local artists.

It’s a great place to spend the day, wandering in and out of all the interesting shops.  We didn’t pass up a visit to the First Aliya Museum which tells the story of the brave, idealistic people who had the courage to come to a new place and forge the beginnings of this new country.

Zichron Ya’akov is also the home to a number of wineries, the most famous of these is the Carmel Winery founded in 1882 at the very start of this town.  Don’t miss a visit to their Center for Wine Culture.

We had a wonderful day in Zichron Ya’akov.  I’d be happy to show you the sites of the town and region on your visit to Israel.

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